The Dos And Donts In Bali

A trip to Bali is a journey through an exquisite landscape of mountains and hills that are complemented by sandy beaches as well as stunning coastline. The place is also known for beautiful rice terraces, archaeological attractions and an amazing culture of welcoming locals. There are many things that make Bali a great island destination for tourists to visit at least once in a lifetime. It is guaranteed that once someone visits this beautiful land, he or she is bound to come back again. The popular province of Indonesia houses many cities that are important from both cultural and natural aspects. Kuta, for example, attracts many surfers as well as boasts of many shopping venues and exciting nightlife. Seminyak is known as a place that is quieter and offers upscale beachside villas and resorts. Other major cities of this Indonesian province are Candidasa, Sanur, Jimbaran, Denpasar, Padang Bai, Ubud and Lovina. Indonesia tour packages include all or most of these cities. Bali offers a whole bunch of natural attractions like Mount Agung and Mount Batur, as well as historical sites like Pakerisan Valley, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces and Taman Ayun Temple, which always figure in the itinerary of Bali tour packages.

And there is things dos and donts in Bali

-Get adequate travel insurance – hopefully you won’t need it but will kick yourself if you don’t have it. Doctors’ fees can quickly run into hundreds of dollars if you are taken ill.

-Take your shoes off before entering a temple or person’s house.

-Wear a helmet if you hire a motorcycle. Messing up your hairstyle is worth it to avoid a brain injury or a      police fine. On the same point, get insurance cover – just in case!

-Use an authorized money changer – the back street kiosks often offer commission free changing but amazingly you never seem to get what you expected

-Dress appropriately especially in temples and in public places. Beachwear is for the beach!

–Drink brand spirits in local bars. It’s rare but there have been cases of methanol poisoning from local brewed spirits.

-Immerse yourself in the culture and spirit of Bali, a smile gets you a lot way with the locals!

-Drink tap water – bottled water is cheap and widely available

-Use your left hand to pass things to someone. Use your right hand or both hands together.

-Use your foot to point or touch someone and don’t put your feet up on a chair and expose the soles to people. It’s a whole new level of insulting and disgusting in Bali.

-Don’t point at people using your index finger – it’s insulting everywhere, but especially in Bali.

-Swim outside of the flags on the beach. The fantastic rips make for great surfing but are dangerous to swimmers.

-Enter a temple if you are menstruating or have an open, bleeding wound.

-Pat someone on the head (even if it’s a cute child!) – The head is sacred in Bali

-BUY, USE OR EVEN THINK ABOUT DRUGS! The penalty in Bali is death and it isn’t worth it!

-Over haggle – gently bartering is fine but don’t get carried away


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