La Favela the Brazilian Rainforest Restaurant from Bali

La favela has to be the most beautiful restaurant we have ever come across as yet. My strong suit is food & Alpesh’s is travel, so when we combine both our passions we ignite the adventure in us, be it travelling or activities or culinary. For me every new dish, new restaurant or new order in the same restaurant is equal to an adventure.Dinner in a magic and enchanted place in the middle of Oberoi at La Favela Bali. La Favela looks like a long forgotten colonial building located at the edge of laksmana oberoi street. An extreme focus on the small details, retro and antique furniture in all shapes and colors, plants that seem to grow everywhere, old bikes, scooters and even an worn out Volkswagen van makes the illusion complete.

2.jpgThe restaurant is located in Seminyak, so very easy to spot. The entry itself looked pretty with the climbers & plants all over the place. We decided to go there for dinner. We were meeting our friend Henriette from Denmark, it was a sweet coincidence that we were in the same island at the same time but for different reasons. We got there early, as the manager was escorting us to our table, I wanted to halt at every step I took. I had never seen a resataurant so beautiful. In our earlier trip when we visited Greece (Santorini) we had been to restaurants with killer view!!!! But that was more of natural ambience that no one could ever replicate.

4.jpg3Whereas this place was more of man made design, it was rustic vintage with lot of gothic touch & yet looked amazingly beautiful. With variety of seating options to choose from vastly spread out tables. La favela turns to a night club after 9:00pm so the seating arrangement changes. The food was also brilliant, lovely presentation. So after an awesome dinner we put on our dance shoes & partied the night. I would highly recommend this amazing place if you are in Bali, it’s a place were you get to experience good food, sexy ambience & night club in all under one roof.


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