5 Amazing reason why you should visit Bali

  1. Arts are the Balinese culture and it’s everywhere
    If you’ve been to Bali, you would have noticed that every corner in Bali is full with art.From the humble handmade floral decorations to local wood and stone carvings, mind-boggling bamboo structures and even shops and shops of handmade art  Bali oozes with creativity. In fact, in Bali, art is life2
  2. You will find an amazing dining experience
    Dining with the lions? Enjoy drinks on a floating platform in the middle of ocean? Eat and scare yourself silly in a Frankenstein’s Laboratory? Chill in a pub with a giant crocodile? Bring your kids to dine on a pirate ship?Yes, Bali has all of those.You will be able to find gazillions of badass bars, cafes and restaurants too3
  3. Hidden amazing beaches that the Balinese would never tell you
    Bali has many secret amazing beaches tucked away in its little corners, where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea far away from the crowd.(Many people claim that Bali beaches are ‘filthy’, we think that’s not true at all. For starters, try Nyang Nyang beach, Gunung Payung beach or Pandawa beach. You just need to know where to look!)4
  4. Go ghost-hunting at haunted places
    Do you know there is a village in Bali where the deceased body is not buried or burned, but hung under the tree after an elaborate funeral ceremonies? If you’re more adventurous, there’s a massive abandoned hotel in Bedugul where you can spend hours exploring. This hotel may never have been opened to the public, but who knows if it already has a full house every night?7
  5. You can take part in strange Balinese festivities
    Have you witnessed a mass kissing festival before? Or a monster parade on the streets?Bali is a place steeped in rich culture and religious tradition where many bizarre and interesting festivals are held every year5




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