Sutera Sari Segara Farm, More Than Just a Beautiful Fabric

Meet the little creatures that are responsible for the grandest fabric in human history.If you cannot fathom how such luxury comes from such a humble worm, you can let your journey to Sari Segara Silkworm Farm transform your knowledge and experience.To get premium quality silk, Sari Segara doesn’t stop with just natural work.You’ll need staff with lots of care to weave the silk.Here, there’s two ways you can take a piece of exquisite silk home with you.You can attempt to weave and draw a batik pattern on it by yourself, or you can simply buy the completed pattern in Sutera Sari Segara Art Shop.

2Located in Sibang Kaja, Br. Lateng, Abiansemal, Badung   If you are game for a rather unusual farm tour, then we invite you to check out the Sari Segara silkworm farm in Badung. Silkworms are hardworking little critters that create silk, which is then harvested and then turned into, you guessed it right, silk cloth!   Now, if you get queasy looking at worms then this might not be the best tour for you. But if you’ve no problem watching silkworms in their natural habitat, then a tour at Sari Segara farm will give you a peek into the production of silk cloth, how raw silk is harvested by hand, and how the raw material is treated and turned into supple cloth! Apart from the silk farm, Sari Segara has a beautiful mulberry garden where you and the rest of the family can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

34Silkworm breeding aims to produce silk as a clothing material. In this village, we are able to know silkworm cultivation process, starting from the introduction of silkworms, mulberry cultivation, maintaining silkworm until the process of making silk fabric while we also can learn the process of weaving threads, making it become a high quality silk fabric. Sutera Sari Segara provides accompanied tour who is led by a guide to tell some information to the visitors. The tour series begins by having a brief explanation of silkworm cultivation, followed by a review of the field. the uniqueness of a silkworm which is capable producing a fiber and it can be processed into high-value products will be given and provided useful knowledge and experience.


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