Petulu a Herons Heaven Village

Petulu village sits around fifteen minutes drive north of Ubud. At sundown every evening, droves of Kokokan birds (herons) fly from all over the island to settle in this tiny strip of a toy town. And I mean big droves. From around 5.30pm, the birds come home to settle in a handful of the fifty or so trees that are dotted around the village. The show lasts around 2-3 hours and is made up of 375,000 squawks, 45,000 heron. Ok, those numbers are completely fabricated. But it’s a lot.Depending on the time of year, local estimates put the numbers in the tens of thousands, but to my best guesstimate I would say 3-5000 is a closer ballpark, though I did visit during the low season for heron population and there is an apparent spike in numbers from October through to March. Not a fabricated fact.

4.jpgPetulu heron sanctuary is located in Petulu village in Ubud, Bali. If you stay in Ubud, you will definitely see a lot of white birds flying around green rice fields during the day. Their home is apparently in the trees of Petulu village. It’s a very small village about 5 kilometres from the main road of central Ubud. To get there, you’ll pass through beautiful green landscape of rice fields.

3Every evening at around 6pm, thousands of big herons fly in to Petulu, about 2.5km north of Jl Raya Ubud, squabbling over the prime perching places before settling into the trees beside the road and becoming a tourist attraction.Make sure that you arrive at about 6 o’clock in the evening because it’s the time when the all the white herons fly home and it’s such a pretty sight. There’s post at the entrance of the village where you’ll be asked to make donation. Other than that, you can enter the village for free. If you’re lucky, you could also see some local football match at the football field behind the entrance post.


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