Dine with a luscious view of paddy fields at Sari Organik and Cafe Pomegranate

Rice is a staple part of Indonesian diets so you can’t miss the opportunity to see where it comes from.You don’t need any Instagram filters for these photos – the lush emerald fields are the brightest green that you will ever see.There are so many great restaurants with rice field views but our favourites are Sari Organik and Cafe Pomegranate, which are both in Ubud.

12Sari Organik is a fast growing warung owned by a family who are dedicated to growing, using and selling organic produce. A 15-minute walk from the road through the coconut groves and along the rice fields means that by the time you arrive at the restaurant, you are ready for a hearty meal.Grab a table on the terrace and watch the spectacular greenery around you. If you are lucky, you will even see people at work in the fields – this is Bali at its most authentic.

5The meandering Sari Organic path weaves through rice fields and is dotted along the way with villas, art shops, cafes. Most people follow the path to the popular “Sari Organic” but our personal favourite spot is “Cafe Pomegranate”. A circular raised platform with gazebo style roof it has beanbags and low tables around the edge with fabulous 360 views across the rice paddies. It is a wonderful place to just sit back and enjoy a few Bintangs whilst taking in the beautiful sunset.

4The menu is short, sweet, simple and moderately affordable. Vegetarian nasi campur is 40,000 rupiah; pasta with house-made pesto is 35,000 rupiah; a vegetarian kebab of tofu and tempeh with zucchini, peppers and mushroom with rice is 33,000 rupiah. But there’s meat too: grilled chicken with veggies and pesto sauce and rice is 55,000 rupiah.


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