Join the Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew at the Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay Bali is a pirate themed open air cafe and restaurant on the Nusa Dua peninsula, comprising a replica pirate ship on the sand, several tree houses, a bay lookout tower, a pirates’ kitchen and a fun host of treasure hunt activities in which you can participate as a family. A great addition to the list of tenants at The Bay Nusa Dua dining complex, Pirates Bay adds a touch of adventure, with its fun-filled activities for the whole family. The outdoor setting is perfect to catch the sea breeze while hanging out at your chosen spot  a replica pirate ship on the sand, a tree house, a bay lookout tower, or even a pirates’ kitchen!

3Pirate’s Bay creatively set up with wooden tree houses that make use of the existing beach trees, where you can climb up to the bamboo decks and enjoy high views over the bay while enjoying the view beautiful beach. Those fond of heights will love the three-tiered tree house. Scattered around the grounds are numerous castaway inspired setups such as thatch-roofed beach huts, bonfires, and cozy tents with plenty of cushions.

One of the most popular highlights for families is its day outing package which include

1.Treasure hunts

2.Make your own kites

3.Team building games

4.Amazing races

5.Music activities and more…

5Since pirate’s bay opening in 2012, this addition to Nusa Dua’s dining scene has drawn families seeking something different and fun. Here, kids will love the flying fox, ropewalks, and swinging bridges. Come alone, you’ll find calming spaces in open tents or hanging chairs where you can enjoy a good read or simply relax and enjoy the great peninsular views. After sunset beach torches are lit and candlelit dinners pave the way for perfect romantic evenings. Ahoyyyy there!!


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