Dine with the Lions at Tsavo Lions Restaurant

If you fancy fine dining in the company of the King of animals, then you must not miss the Tsavo Lion Restaurant at the Mara River Safari Lodge, which is home to many other safari animals such as the rhino and zebra. Thereis  only a full glass panel separating you and the majestic predators while you tuck in to an international selection of cuisine ? from African to Asian to South American. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is the first African themed restaurant in Asia, which allow you to have a close encounter with real wildlife. This fine dining restaurant located side by side with lion’s exhibition area. Therefore, you will see a pride of lions.

1Tsavo lion restaurant located in Bali Safari and Marine Park Gianyar is about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Tsavo Lion Restaurant, is Bali’s latest lifestyle & fine dining destination and Asia’s first theme restaurant specially designed for you to have a close encounter with real wildlife. Savour & Encounter! Savour the food, ambience, service and Encounter the Mighty lions.

4Full length glass panel is surrounding the restaurant. Therefore, the guests will feel save during their meal, but still can observe the lions directly in their exhibitions area. From the landscaped enclosure, you can watch the lions and the lions can watch you. It is an amazing setting for your most unforgettable moment of fine dining experience.

2Prepared by our experienced chef, the restaurant serves food from all over the world such as African, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, and South American cuisine. Let your appetite lead your choice of food from the menu and enjoy the fine dining experience with the shadow of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung looming in the distance. No doubt that Tsavo Lion is the perfect destination to go when you are searching for a fine dining restaurant as part of your Bali holiday amazing moment.


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