Back to 60’s at Cosmic Diner Bali

Built up and open since 2012 in Bali, Cosmic Diner brings you the atmosphere of New York City in the sixties. With its unique and compelling decoration, super friendly service team ready to serve you, and of course a list of menu filled with love, Cosmic Diner is here to give you excellent service. Diner is a term used to named the tavern in North America and parts of the Southeast. In Bali, Cosmic Diner present adapting a popular diner in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Fresh place for those who are bored with a snack in the area of Kuta, Bali Cosmic Diner have 2 counters in Bali, the one that I visited was on Lippo Mall. Although this is the smallest one but I still love every single things of this restaurant, but if you want to take a better photo you should go to the another one in Sunset Road. And yup something delicious has arrived! Just like their motto.

3Everybody loves an eye-catching place and this one was my pleasure to came here, Cosmic Diner is one of thousand unique concept places in Bali that you should try. It’s really metro or 50’s American style just like a movie series “two broke girls” and I think this place is really match for instagram-ers. Anyway have you notice the different of diner and dinner? Some people heard the word of ‘diner’ on Cosmic Diner was ‘dinner’, no it’s NOT honey. Actually diner is a small roadside restaurant with a long counter and booths, but the originally one designed to resemble a dining car on a train. Diner was easily found in America or Canada but now we (Indonesian) can try it in our country weeheee!

4The Highlight of this restaurant are  dish that is so iconic American style. Burgers, steaks, pancakes, waffles, sundaes prepared to spoil your tongue. Feel like a fast food? Of course not, because the fresh offerings such as salads, pasta, sorbet, and gelato are available in this restaurant.


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