North Coast of Nusa Penida a Beautiful Place to Diving

Nusa Penida the small island which have many beautiful dive point, On the north coast of Nusa Penida, the seaweed farmers live along a white sand beach stretching the length of the coast, while beneath the surface the coral reef runs parallel to this magnificent panorama.  Choosing one of the several dive sites available, we descend just in front of a primary school (Sekolah Dasar) to dive the SD wall, or in front of a temple to dive the Ped wall, or a bit further down we find the dive site Sental.  These sites are topographically very similar, all are characterized by a sloping wall that sinks out towards the dark blue of the ocean.

1.jpgFrom the boat, safely back-roll into the water and once you pop up, grab ahold of the floating mermaid line attached to the back of the boat.  Once your group is ready, time to descend!  Let go of the line and everyone takes off for an extreme rock’n’roll drift dive!  Open your eyes; look all around, lay back as if you are in a big comfortable chair including footrest and don’t move.  A festival of colors and emotions will take your breath away, schools of blue (red-toothed) triggerfish bear their teeth and dart about in all directions, The huge  sponges and long whip coral, are good indicators that strong currents are evident. Lots of schooling fish, unicorns, orang-utan crab, snappers, ribbon eels, clouds of triggerfish, anthias and occasional turtle and another site where the mola mola can be spotted. We have even had occasional sightings of whalesharks!

2Around 25 – 30 metres deep, if you look to the blue, you may glimpse pelagics such as tuna, barracuda, mola mola, or maybe even something bigger…hahaha who knows?  This is a dive that will excite the senses and is full of surprises.  The current might change direction, and intensity, within a matter of minutes, sometime even twice in the same dive!  During the safety stop at 5 metres, you will glide one final time over the immensity of the dive site before surfacing in a state of euphoria and transformed into a unbelievable diving experience.


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