Swim in angel’s billabong

Welcome to one of Nusa Penida’s secret get aways, affectionately named by the homestay owner as Angel’s Billabong. Climbing down the rugged coral reef presents a daring little challenge, but it certainly pays off once you reach the pool. I know the greenish bottom may seem slippery, but they’re definitely not moss. In fact, it felt so comfortable to walk on that carpet-like bottom. Some parts can be pretty deep and become homes to various kinds of fish. Forget Marina Bay Sands, this is the definite infinity pool.

2Angel’s billabong located in Nusa penida, Nusa Penida is not so far from sanur exactly on thebunga mekar village at nusa penida island, klungkung regency, angel’s billabong is the angel of Nusa Penida, Billabong words taken from English that has means “The Rivers Edge Of A Dead End”

3As to the meaning of the word itself the Billabong river in these places has a branches shape and the one of its branches is a dead end. This place is the end of the estuary of a river on the Nusa Penida island which empties into the river water before it reach the sea. At the estuary of this river surface the water is very calm and clear. There are also many hole that make the naturally pool and it is very beautiful and pretty and it might not necessarily be found elsewhere. By distinctively artistic and yellow green rocky make the Angel’s billabong become more excotic.

1If you want to go to Angel’s Billabong is not so difficult, it only takes about one hour by speedboat from Sanur, you will immediately get to the that place. Speedboad time crossing will start from early morning around 07.30 until the afternoon at 16.00 pm. So if you passed the time there will be no more ships are crossing towards to that place. For boarding the speedboat you will be charged only Rp. 75.000, – / person.


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