An Underground House of Nusa Lembongan

Bali the island of God have many unique tourism object, not just in the bali island the small island near bali have unique object too like in nusa lembongan, it has an under ground house called goa Gala Gala.

xxGala-gala was built by Made Byasa. He is a farmer, dancer and Mangku Dalang (puppet shadow performer). Due to his profession as a Dalang, he got inspired by one of Mahabharata episode, “Wana Parwa”; the twelve years in exile in the forest. In the story Pandawas decided to build a cave, Gala-gala, to protect his family from Korawas who wanted to find and kill all of Pandawas’s family.

Untitled-4Mada Byasa got inspired and decided to build his own Gala Gala. The underground house is dug into the rock and covers and area of five hundred square meters. Made Byasa built this underground house by himself using nothing more than a crowbar. He started the project in 1961 and finished in 1976. Yeah, that is what we called dedication and determination!

zYou will have so much fun trying to explore the underground house. The rooms are just is 1-2 metres high, so it was tough for me and especially for taller people to explore because they need to bend most of the time. The house has seven exits, three of which are for ventilation (no wonder! The cave was pretty cool inside). There’s a well, two kitchens, a sitting room, two bedrooms, and so on. Unfortunately we couldn’t decide which room was which.

The house feels like labyrinth. While we were down their we had this random conversation with several foreigners. We were inside the house and they were outside.

Untitled-2The entrance to the Gala Gala cave is quite narrow and had to go down to the basement with stairs less than 2 meters deep. At the Gala Gala cave you can go around the underground house in a fairly dark hallway. However, in some corner of the cave has been fitted the lamp so that you can look into various rooms contained in Gala Gala cave.You will more often bent in this cave but in some rooms, the height can be sufficient space to stand and take photos inside the cave.


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