7 Uniques things that you must do in bali


  1. Take a Sunrise Offering Walk Early in the morning you should take a walk with no destination in your mind. Look at the beautiful offerings that are put out. Look at the flowers adorning the statues.  Say hello to the shopkeepers sweeping the sidewalk. (The Balinese love their sweeping). Walk through The rice fields.  This is the real Bali.  Plus, it will be the one time you can take a walk without being asked if you would like a taxi! Amazing!


  1. Sit Down With The Taxi Drivers-If you found yourself getting annoyed with all the taxi drivers constantly asking me if you needed a ride.  So one day you must try to decide to talk to them. You sit down and watch the traffic go by with them, and decide to ask them if they know of a class where you could learn painting. They were sitting in front of a sign that offered painting classes.  You never know what can happen when you try to understand the things that annoy you. Plus, all those taxi drivers make getting around in Bali pretty easy.
  2.  Take A Painting Class-you will discovere that you love painting by taking a painting class in Bali.  Ubud, especially, is full of artists, and many of them offer classes to teach you what they know.  Taking a painting class will be the one of your favorite moments in Bali.
  3.  Take An Ecstatic Dance Class At Yoga Barn-Yoga Barn is also in Ubud. They offer amazing ecstatic dance classes on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.
  4. Clean Up Trash On The Beach– Yes, it’s sad and true.  The beach in Kuta has a lot of trash on it.  Start a cleanup party and start cleaning up the trash.  I bet other’s will join you, and I bet the touts won’t bother you!
  5. Drink a cold coconut.- There is nothing more refreshing than drinking a cold green coconut and watching the world go by.  Bali is hot and a coconut really does refresh and hydrate you like nothing else.
  6. Eat– Indonesia have many best food. Bali the islands of God with different cultures, so no wonder its food is just as diverse. To complement the holiday experience on Bali, you would not want to miss out on its assortment of dishes.

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