Standing stones, scienic beachfront on bali’s east coast

East Bali is where it’s all at these days, bali nowadays have many gorgeous resort, restaurant, and beachlounge with the gorgeous beachfront locations like the new Standing Stones Restaurant Get yourself along quick-smart to the gorgeous new East Bali restaurant and gorgeous beach club that’s just opened in north of Sanur,  the Standing Stones Restaurant, Bar, and Beach Lounge at The Royal Purnama.  It showcases the most beautiful, beachfront setting with picture-postcard-perfect views, you’ll go crazy before you’ve even sat down

Standing Stones restaurant is the gorgeous beachfront restaurant and lounge at The Royal Purnama Art Suites and Villas, which give you a most exotic dining setting along the black sand coast of the secluded Purnama Beach in Gianyar on the east coast of Bali. The ocean views that accompany your dining experience are enhanced even further by a Stonehenge-like beachfront lawn installation of tall menhirs which give the restaurant its name. its so unique!

Its just about 20 minutes north of Sanur (just south of Keramas) on the unspoilt Purnama Beach, come and enjoy the Bali of yesterday, either as an in-house or walk-in guest.  Already acclaimed as one of Bali’s most anticipated new villa resorts, The Royal Purnama Art Suites & Villas rests beside the glittering black crystal sands of Pantai Purnama (Full Moon Beach) on Bali’s southeast coast, just  15km from Sanur and 16km from Ubud.

Untitled-2.jpgStanding Stones provides shaded, semi-alfresco dining and non-hotel guests are allowed to use the beach lounge, complete with its meandering swimming pool, for a small minimum spend. Guests can spend hours enjoying the pool, which overlooks the enigmatic wedding garden that encompasses towering megalithic stones brought from Flores.

Untitled-1.jpgAnd or the standing stones restaurant you will taste the  Local flavors are blended with progressive artistic style to create a contemporary twist on the finest Asian cuisines. Executive chef Made Sujaya and his team hold strictly to the concept that all food is freshly cooked using local ingredients.


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