Let’s Visit This Place and Enjoying the Exciting Bali Adventure Trip

Bali won’t only about visit a interesting place and watching about the unique culture. Bali actually has an activity that will be very nice for you to enjoy along your holiday in Bali. Many kinds of activities will be available for you in order to make your holiday more memorable. This is a recommended activity for you and your family can be done in Bali and this activity will make you feel so fun and happy.

Visiting Bedugul area will be a nice trip on your holiday in Bali, in here you will able to see the beautiful scenery of Bali island and refresh your mind and feel the good atmosphere here. Be closer to the nature is the theme of your journey if you go to this area. You only need about 2 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport to go to Bedugul and you can to go there by car or motorcycle. Not only watch about the beautiful scenery of Bali and feel refresh, in Bedugul area there are available an activities for your exiting holiday. Bali Treetop Adventure Park is a fun activities located in Bedugul near Beratan Lake. In  Bali Treetop Adventure available   7 adventure circuits from one tree to another trees heigh 2 – 20 metres, 72 challenges for all ages suspended bridges, spider nets, Tarzan jumps, 12 Flying Fox up to 160 metres long, flying swings and more fun chalanges.

Bali Treetop Circuits:

Squirrel Yellow Circuit: Carefully designed only for small children

Squirrel Green Circuit: Tailored for children ready to face new challenges

Green Circuit: Introductory circuit to get a taste of the activity

Blue Circuit: First Thrills

Red Circuit: Swinging high in the trees

Adrenaline Black Circuit: The big thrill

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is available for age 4 years old to over 70 years old with a maximum weight of 120kg. Adventure time for adult and children is 2,5 hours and squirrel circuits is 1,5 hours. This activity will be interesting for you and your family, and if you want to bring your family or your partner that will be available for you and of course that will make your journey more memorable. Bali Treetop will also serve team building games, Buffet lunch, coffee break, sound system, and meeting room. and if you are need to play privately with your corporate you can to rental bali treetop from 2 hours and 30 minutes until full day.


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