Extraordinary Village that You Must to Visit When You are In Bali

Hey Guys today I would like to give an information about one of unique village in Bali. This village has a really unique point that might be make you feel amaze. This village is called Trunyan village. The village of Trunyan is squeezed tightly between the lake and the outer crater rim of Batur. This village is situated under of an almighty Volcano in Kintamani. This village is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom in the 16th century. This village is also famous cause of Pancering Jagat Temple set there, but unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside. There are also a couple of traditional Bali Aga-style dwellings, and a large banyan tree, local society there said that Banyan tree already here for 1100 years. At Kuban sub-village close to Trunyan is available a mysterious cemetery that is separated by the lake and only accessible by boat there is no path along the steep walls of the crater rim.

The village of Trunyan itself is situated at the edge of Batur Lake. This location is inaccessible, if you would like to access this village you will only able using boat, and it takes around half an hour across to the calm waters on Batur Lake. People in Trunyan village have unique tradition that’s not same to the other tradition in Bali. People in Trunyan do not cremate or bury their dead, but just lay them out in bamboo cages to decompose, although strangely there is no stench. Here are available collection of skulls and bones lies on the stone platform and the surrounding areas. The dead bodies don’t produce bad smells because of the perfumed scents from a huge Taru Menyan tree growing nearby. Taru means ‘tree’ and Menyan means ‘nice smell’. The name of Terunyan was also derived from these two words.

When a dead body carried there, the women of Trunyan village won’t able to go to the cemetry. This follows the deeply rooted belief that if a woman comes to the cemetery while a corpse is being carried there, there will be a disaster in the village, for example a landslide or a volcanic eruption. Such events have been frequent in the village’s history, but whether women had anything to do with it is a matter of opinion. Well guys that’s bit information about this unique village which has a unique cemetery. If you are interesting for finding and visiting this village you can to chartered a boat from Kedisan village. That’s really recommended for you to come to this village, in this village you will able to find the really fresh nature and also the rare lifestyle and tradition of local society there.


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