Underwater Expedition and Find How Beautiful Bali Underwater Heritage

Karangasem regency in Bali is located is the east part of Bali. Domestic traveler and foreign traveler come to this regency to make and underwater activities. Karangasem regency has a beautiful underwater life. What activities they did here? They also join the diving activities, snorkeling, and sea walking, to enjoy the beautiful view of underwater life in this regency.

Can’t swim or don’t have a permit for diving? Don’t worry about that. Labuhan amuk at Antiga village will be a recommended place for you. How it can be? It can be, because here is a submarine activity. When you come to this village you will find a spot for doing submarine activities. Stay in submarine will also make you safe from any opportunity of accident from underwater life here. Antiga village is about 75 Km from Denpasar or about one and a half hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Every person from every age will be able to join in submarine. The submarine will give you safe condition and comfortable situation when you explore the underwater life here.

What do you feel now? that very interesting for you to improve your experience in explore Bali underwater life, and you aren’t need to have confused about your kids or your baby. In submarine they also able to join the submarine together with you to enjoy the beautiful view of bali under water life. Submarine which use here has a good quality, so don’t afraid about any accident, your journey will be a safety journey and memorable journey here. Standard International of service and quality they used here to make you and your family happy and enjoy the trip here. The capacity of submarine is for 36 persons, and inside of the submarine available chair in left and right side. That will make you easier and more comfort in looking the view of underwater life here. There will be full of air conditioner room for you here.How about that? Do you feel interested? This activity will be a recommended activity for you to spend your holiday in Bali.


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