Batur Mount Bali | Great Place for Finding Fascinating Sunrise

Good morning travelers, in this day I would like to give an information about how to find the wonderful scenery of Bali nature, especially in finding the beautiful sunrise in Bali. Batur Mount is one of the sacred mountains in Bali located at Batur Village, Kintamani District, close from Batur Lake and Pinggan Village. This mount has been one of the favorite mountains in Bali to hike because the trek is not too difficult and the mount is just 1717 m above sea level, so you can reach at the top about 2 hours. You will able to explore this mountain with your family and make your trip more exciting here.

It took about 2 hour to get the starting point from Denpasar Town. Well guys, If you want to see the beautiful sunrise from the top, that really recommend for you to start hiking at 03.00 am, because the sun will rise at 05.30 am, that’s the great time for you to find the wonderful sunrise. The hiking trek is very suitable for the beginner because not too difficult and safe for you, this mount can be your first mountain to hike in Bali.

From the top of Batur Mount you will able to see the other mountains such as Abang Mount, Agung Mount and Rinjani Mount, the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia that situated in Lombok Island. The sun will rise from the left side of Rinjani Mount. The orange color of the sun and the blue sky will make the view from this spot look like paradise. If you come to Batur Mount, I think it is useless if you just come to see the sunrise. I recommend you to surrounding the crater, it only took time just about 30 minutes to surrounding the Batur Crater. To surround it, you need courage and adventurous spirit, because it is hard to surrounded, you must be careful and vigilant. You can see the villages that surround this mountain and the other mountains in the west.

Well guys, that’s a bit about tips when you would like to find the wonderful sunrise and exploring the nature scenery in Bali from Batur Mount. That could be more comfortable for you to start this journey by make a reservation with travel agent here to make your trip more exciting here.


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