Bali Beautiful Waterfall | Place of Interest

Hello Guys, Let’s see this beautiful waterfall that located in Bali the small island of archipelago Indonesia. The north of Bali island is indeed famous with its waterfalls. In this part of Bali, we could find many interesting waterfalls that we can visit and enjoy when we are in Bali island one of the beautiful waterfall is Jembong Waterfall. Jembong waterfall is located in Ambengan village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency, Bali – Indonesia. Jembong waterfall is about 2 hours driving from Denpasar city.

Jembong waterfall isn’t really popular as a tourist destination, like Gitgit waterfall or Sekumpul waterfall, but here you could find the beautiful scenery in Jembong waterfall. That will not less than the other waterfalls. Jembong waterfall is different and also unique, because this waterfall is not perpendicular like other waterfalls, but it flows in a slope of 75 degrees, so the water doesn’t make a rumbling sound. This condition allows the visitor to have more relaxing, calm, and peaceful atmosphere. The Jembong waterfall offers a different beauty, located in the middle of the local chocolate plantation and also surrounded by tropical trees, it will only take a little effort to reach the location of this waterfall.

To find the beauty waterfall you will need to walk a bit, but don’t worry that will not be hardfor you. This waterfall location are easy to reach, and when you arrived at the end of the journey the perfect beauty suddenly presented in front of you. Beautiful waterfall with clear water flow that fall down into a one meter deep pool and the fresh atmosphere suddenly will refresh your tiredness and recharge your energy. The clear water condition will attract you to play and swim here. That’s really recommended for you to bring your own changing cloths, swimming in this waterfall area couldn’t be passed easily.


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