Let’s Find this Colorful Restaurant and Bar in Seminyak Area

Hello travelers, in this day I would like to share an information about interesting place to visit in Bali,especially in Seminyak area. This is a great restaurant and bar that you must to visit along you holiday in Bali. This is not like the usual restaurant and bar that you have already known before. This restaurant and bar has a uniquely design and interior that will give you great dining experience here.

This restaurant and bar called La Plancha. It is situated in Dhyana Pura street, Seminyak area, Badung regency, Bali – Indonesia. This restaurant and bar really great for having relaxed that accompanied by coloring interior and lazy sofa that will make you don’t want to move from your table. Happiness feel suddenly come to yourself from the full of colors umbrella, and other interiors that available here.

La Plancha restaurant and bar open from 08.00 am – 01.00 am. The name of this restaurant and bar taken from Spanish language and the meaning of the name is a surf board. This full color restaurant and bar is opened from 2010. For you to know La Plancha interior is made by scrap wood. This restaurant and bar also has a space for you who want to see the wonderful sunset view from the white sandy beach of Seminyak. Here set well a line of colorful umbrella accompanied by colorful chairs and bean bed that will be really comfortable place for you to enjoying the wonderful sunset view.

La Plancha restaurant and bar also provide second floor for you who want to have a great view of Seminyak white sandy beach without too much sand. In this restaurant and bar you will be really comfortable to enjoy the wonderful sunset here, and you will also able to enjoy the tasty cuisine here. Here you will easy to find a lot of Spanish menu, not only Spanish menu here you are also able for having a grilled seafood menu that might be tasty. This restaurant and bar also perform live DJ performance on 16.30 – 19.30. This place is one o great place for you to visit for having a relaxed dine experience while enjoying the beauty of Seminyak white sandy beach and fulfill with cozy and colorful atmosphere.


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  1. mukul chand says:

    lovely colourful pics, nice post.

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  2. thank you very much

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