Bali Pearl Farm Exciting Place for Visiting

Hey guys, this is an interesting place for you to visit in Bali, Bali is a small island of Archipelago Indonesia which has many variations of tourist destination, tourist attraction, and also tourist activities for every traveler who visiting Bali. Art, culture, and tradition is the very unique point will you get when you visiting Bali, not only there when you are in Bali you will also find the beautiful scenery of Bali, and many unique interesting place available in Bali. Nature for Balinese people has a spirit power and very sacred, if you go around Bali you will find many big trees have Sarong here. As we know the local society in Bali usually try to improve their tourism and improve the quality of their environment.

Atlas Pearl Farm’s, is one of the example for this statement. This pearl farm is located at Penyabangan village, Singaraja regency Bali – Indonesia. Penyabangan village is about 3 hours from Denpasar city and you can to go there by car or motorcycle. Visitors can do a tour and learn about the oyster-breeding program, the cultivation cycle and see a demonstration of pearl seeding and harvesting. Along the Northern shores of Bali, the natural environment has all the properties necessary for the culture of some of the best quality south sea pearls in the world.

Visiting the pearl farm gives the unique opportunity to see and understand the whole process from the human intervention on the oyster, to the birth of the pearl and all various stages until it is finally extracted from the shell and made into a fine piece of jewellery. Upstairs, the showroom displays some of the most stunning pearls cultured in Bali’s waters. South sea pearls from Indonesia have acquired a sound reputation and they are valued and exported everywhere in the world. The staff on the pearl farm is always ready to teach interested visitors. In Indonesia, pearls come in three different shades: golden, silver or white and Atlas is renowned for its silver pearls with hints of blue and a lustrous finish of finest quality. This place is a recommended place for you to visiting along your holiday in Bali.


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