Let’s Stay Closer to The Nature of Bali

Hello Guys, how would you like to start your day now? Make a shopping trip? Or want to visiting any club? How about try this one for you trip in Bali. Stay one night in Tabanan regency, especially in Bedugul area. You won’t stay in a hotel, villa, bungalows, nowadays there are available came spot in Bedugul area for you traveler from around the world.

This Camp point is only about 2 hours from Ngurah Rai International airport, and you can to go there by car or motorcycle. Dikubu Strawberry Farm is the name of Camping spot in Bedugul area. Camping in this area will be a recommended camping, because you will surrounded by strawberry farm, and this camping spot near with Beratan Lake. That will be very nice for you to camp here with your family or with your working team or with your friends. That will be an unforgettable camping moment for you if you complete your camping with any others activities that will make you become a true adventure. In this camping spot you will also able to do trekking, and cycling in order to exploring Bedugul area. Bedugul area is one of popular tourist destination in Bali, that has a cold atmosphere and very cozy for you to refresh your mind.

Cycling to the Buyan or Tamblingan Lake is the popular track here. That will be a nice riding for you and your family or your friend. Not only trekking and cycling in the area you will also able to make a fishing activity at Beratan Lake near of the camping spot. Don’t sfraid if you want to go to Ulun Danu Temple, from this camping spot. To go to Ulun Danu Temple from this camping spot you just need to walking together with your friend or your family while enjoying the cozy atmosphere here. That will be a nice trip for you here. In here also available picking strawberry activity from the farm, so you can to pick the strawberry directly from the farm here and feel the fresh taste of strawberry from Bali. Don’t worry about the camping equipments, in here you already available complete equipment for your camping with your family. But you must know the tent is only for 3 persons.


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