Beautiful Beach in Bali That You Must to Visit

Hello Travelers, this morning i would like to give you an important information about place of interest in Bali island. This place of interest is a beautiful beach that will be a great choice for you to visit. Karma Kandara beach is one of beautiful beach in Bali that you must to visit along you are in Bali. This Beach is one of hidden beach in Bali that situated in the southern part of Bali island.

Well Guys, this beach is situated in Ungasan village, Badung regency, Bali-Indonesia. To find this hidden beach you can to enter Karma Kandara hotel or using the small hallway. If you choose the first way that passing Karma Kandara restaurant, you will be charged there but you will be able to find this hidden beach easily and also can to enjoy the tasty cuisine there. If you choose the second way that passing the small hallway, that will not be charged, but you will need to walk about 340 stairs for finding this hidden beach.

That’s will be an exciting trekking there by passing the small hallway. Karma Kandara beach also famous as Finn beach, that’s because of this beach location that near with a Beach club that’s called Finn Beach Club. This beach club has owned by Semara Luxury Villa, and you will also able to enter the Karma Kadara beach from that way, but that will be charged also. This beach is one of the beautiful beach in Bali with wonderful blue seawater that complete with calm water condition and accompanied by beautiful and really clean white sandy beach. Well guys that will be a great moment for swimming and playing with water here. If you would like to have a sunbathing there that will also be a great activity you can to do in this beautiful beach. Many traveler from around the world really like for enjoying this beach especially for the Karma Kandara Hotel and Semara Luxury Villa guest. Let’s visit this beautiful beach for your holiday in Bali.


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