Let’s Check This Bali Hidden Waterfall

Morning Traveler, Let’s start this day by knowing the hidden place with beauty nature scenery for you to visit in your holiday in Bali. Dusun Kuning Waterfall is one of hidden nature heritages in Bali that surrounded by green tropical plantations, huge hills with 25 meter high and complete with peaceful atmosphere. This Waterfall is one of beautiful waterfall in Bali that situated in Taman Bali Village, Bangli Regency. It is about 2 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Well Guys, this waterfall will be really interesting for your tourist destination on the next holiday. to find this waterfall you will take about 300 meters from the local residence to find this wonderful hidden waterfall. Dusun Kuning Waterfall is located at Dusun Kuning Village, that is the reason why the name of this waterfall is Dusun Kuning waterfall. It is one of the new tourist destinations in Bali, this waterfall will be  a great place for you to visit Guys. The water is really clean and fresh that will attract you to have a swim here and play with water. This waterfall atmosphere are really fresh that could refill your energy while enjoying the nature beauty. This waterfall is set in the hidden geography that a bit difficult to locate it therefore not much people know and come to this waterfall.

Huge hills with 25 meter high make the nature scenery in this area more wonderful for you to enjoy along your trip in Bali. You will also able to find the free animal living in this area, because of the local society in this area try to protect the nature live of the waterfall area. You can to see group of monkeys are still living around the waterfall where no wit could be more than hundred of monkey populations existing at this waterfall. Well Guys that’s about one of wonderful hidden nature heritage in Bali, if you would like to visit this waterfall I will recommended you to bring changing cloth for make your trip in this waterfall more memorable by playing with the fresh water conditions, and also please bring your own mineral water because in this tourist destination is not available any restaurant or food and drink stall yet.


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