Extraordinary Activity that You Should Try in Bali

Bali is a small island of Indonesia which is very popular with Art and Culture. Local society in Bali always tries to improve their art and culture quality, in order to attract the tourist come and learn about their Art and Culture. Nowadays Bali not only improving the quality of their art and culture, the local society also tries to improve and make many variation of tourist attraction in Bali.

This activity will be a great choice for every tourist who wanted to enjoy the nature of Bali. Nusa Dua area is a popular area for every tourist who came to Bali. This area is located at Badung regency, and to arrived at this area you just only need about 30 minutes from Ngurah RAi International Airport. In this area you will find unique activity for your memorable holiday in Bali.

This activity is Camel ride in Sawangan beach at Nusa Dua Area, you won’t believe that camel life in Bali and you will able to ride them for a moment, but nowadays the camels are available for you and ready to bring you to explore the beautiful scenery of Sawangan beach area. Do you feel confused? Why the camel is available in Bali? The camel is come from Australian. The camel will bring you to enjoy the sawangan beach scenery. Sawangan beach is a beautiful with sandy beach in Bali, that also has beautiful cliff. The camel ride isn’t only for exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery here, but you can also able to make your pre wedding picture here. that will be an unique pre wedding picture for your wedding when you are taking the picture with beautiful blue sky, and ridding camel on the white sand beach with your best partner in your life. This activity will really exciting activity for your holiday.


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