This Beach Must be Visited When You are in Bali

Hey Guys, How are you today? are you try to find a beautiful beach for your trip in Bali? if yes, I will you the answer. Bloo Lagoon Beach is a small beautiful beach with white sand surrounded by the dry forest on the white stone hills and also has an amazing panorama to the ocean. This beach is situated in the tranquility of Padang Bai, the main harbor for local boats. It is a fantastic beach to visit in Bali and here you will also able to enjoy any water activities such as snorkeling, diving or swimming.

Bloo Lagoon beach is one of beautiful beach in Bali, that has a clear water and calm water condition. In Bloo Lagoon you will have great opportunities to explore the beautiful underwater life by snorkeling. In this beach area available hiring place to hire snorkeling gears and boat to drop you to the snorkeling spot. Bloo Lagoon Beach is a great beach for snorkeling and diving adventure. Here is available beautiful coral reef with plenty of colorful fishes living in the underwater of Bloo Lagoon Beach.

The best way to enter Bloo Lagoon for snorkeling is from the left side because of the canal condition and the coral reef there will make your snorkeling trip easily. In this beach also available two restaurants. Here also available local society souvenir shop, that sell any kind of  local t-shirt, sarong, and the other local souvenir that will be really good for your souvenir. Hey guys do you feel interesting with this Beach? I would like to recommend you, if you would like to make a snorkeling trip here please be aware and don’t going alone. This beach is one place of interest in Bali that you must to visit along your holiday in Bali. Let’s prepare your trip now and have a nice holiday.


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  1. Is this somewhere in Nusa Dua?


    1. no, this beach is located near with Padang Bay Bali harbour


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