Having Tasty Cuisine while Enjoying the Nature Scenery of Ubud

Hey guys, are you looking for great place for having lunch or dinner? today I will help you to find the answer. This place is located at the place of interest in Bali. Ubud village, this village is really popular for tourist around the world who want to have a relaxing trip in Bali while enjoying the nature scenery and looking for art and culture of Bali.

This place called Pomegranate Cafe, it is located in the middle of the rice field in central Ubud. To find this cafe you could to walk from the Ubud local market. Pomegranate Cafe was started in May 2012 by Japanese brothers. The elder brother is an interior designer and did the building design for this place. The younger brother is mainly in charge of the operation including setting up the menu which contains various foods from different part of the world such as Japan, Europe, Singapore and others.

The Pomegranate Cafe is a suitable place for having a good cuisine with comfortable atmosphere. The building stands in an unique condition due to the raised altitude compared to the central Ubud and disconnected from the busy main streets. In this Cafe you could to relaxing and enjoying the cozy atmosphere of Ubud village. In the morning, we can usually see Agung mountain “the holy mountain” on the northeast and Batukaru mountain on the northwest in Tabanan. One of our prime times is to see the sunset looking over the view of the rice field towards the Campuhan river. In the evening, you will able to see stars and fireflies and in a far distance you can to see the city lights in Nusadua, Kuta, and Jimbaran area.

This Cafe is a recommeded place for you who want to having tasty cuisine that accompanied by great nature atmosphere of Ubud rice field, this place will offer Western menu, and Asian menu.


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