Bali Nature Heritage | Interesting Tour in Bali

Every people also know about Bali in Indonesia. Bali is a popular tourist destination in the world, with beautiful scenery of nature and also unique variations of art and culture that will be the interesting point for every traveler to go to Bali. In Bali available popular regency with nature scenery in Bali specially with the rice paddy fields. This regency is Tabanan regency, when you go to this regency that will easy for you to find many of rice paddies beside your road.bali, rice terrace, bali rice terrace, jatiluwih, jatiluwih baliTabanan regency also has one famous rice paddy field that has a very beautiful scenery there, this rice paddy field located in Jatiluwih area. In Jatiluwih you will also find width area of beautiful rice terrace in front of you. This place will be a recommended place for your holiday in Bali. When you are in Jatiluwih area you will also able to do many kind of activities for completing your holiday in Bali. Cycling is one of many recommends activity that must you do when you visiting Jatiluwih. You will be able to find out detail about village life include rice and vegetable farming, ceremonies and family life. You’ll learn how to grow rice and learn how it’s cultivated and harvested by the local farmers. Stop at your leisure for photos to experience the magnificent views and surrounding. Enjoy refreshments while taking in the breath-taking views.

Don’t be worry about the route here, if you want to make a journey with your kids. In Jatiluwih area there are available many types of route and also consist to your family skill in ridding bicycle. That will be a nice trip for you and your family to explore Jatiluwih area and come closer to the nature of Bali. Jatiluwih area not only good for cycling, here you also able to do trekking. The track will be really nice and memorable with many beautiful view of nature. To go to this village you will also able use car or motorbike, and you will only need about 1 and half hour from Denpasar city to go to this village and enjoying the fresh atmosphere of beautiful rice paddy in Bali.


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