Refresh Your Mind in Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring & Camping Resort

Travelling to Bali must be visiting every interesting place that available in this island. When you are try to find a special place that is for refreshing your body and soul, I will give you the answer. Trip to Toya devasya will be a great choice for your holiday. This will be very comfortable for you and your family to enjoy your holiday here and refresh your body and soul.

Toya Devasya is located in Bangli regency, and that will about 1 and half hour to reach this place. You won’t be disappointed when you go to this place, because you will also able to see the beautiful scenery of Mount Batur, Batur Lake, and also Mount Abang. If you are interesting with this place you can to make your tour schedule to go to this place. To access this place you will only need to use car or motorbike.


Natural Hot Spring water in Toya Devasya will not has colour and smell as usual, because in this place the Hot Spring Water directly from the Mount, that’s why you will be very comfortable in enjoying the Hot spring water here. The activity in Toya devasya won’t only for hot spring water, in this place also offer camping facility and also provide any others activities, such as cycling, team building, canoeing, family gathering, BBQ dinner.

That’s will be a complete package for you and your family to enjoy the refreshing holiday in Bangli regency. That’s why I recommended you to come to this place when you need to refresh your body and soul along your busy day. Here will also available other activities to make your holiday or your staying here more exciting. What activities are they? That activities is like joining the Mount Batur Trekking and you will be find beautiful scenery from the top of Mount Batur.


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