Covered Beauty of Nature Heritage in Bali

Bali Island well known has many beaches and every beach in Bali also have a different situation and also have their own unique point. Bias Tugel is one of hidden beach in Bali. This beach is located in Padang Bai area. This beach is a recommended beach for you who want to find beautiful beach and also able to do any interesting activities.

Bias Tugel beach from the name it mean Half Sand beach. The name of the beach was taken by the location of the beach. When you come to this beach you will find this beach Covered by Corals on the right and left side of this beach. That’s why the local society there called this beach as a Bias Tugel beach. this beach is about 53 Km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and you can to reach this beach using car or motorcycle.


This hidden beach also near with Padang Bai beach and Blue Lagoon beach. The situation in this is very quite because still no many traveler know about this beach. That will be a nice moment for you to enjoy the cozy situation in this beach. as we know about the quite situation here, in this beach area absolutely still not available hotel and restaurant, here are only available snack shop that made from bamboo.

Here are very nice for you to make a good holiday in a beach here, feel like your own beach here. Bias Tugal beach also has a good waves for surfing activities and a beautiful scenery of underwater live, you are able to make a surfing and snorkeling activities here to make your holiday more memorable. When you are want to play with your kids here, that will be a nice moment for you, because your family here will protect by the big corals on the left and right sides, that will make you easier to looking for your kids.

It’s only about 50 meters from the Bias Tugel beach you will find a waterblow in front of you, try to make a picture there and show to your friend and tell them about the hidden beach in Bali.


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