Souvenir from Bali, Unique and Tasty

Hello guys, do you want to find something special for your family or your friend? Do you confused and feel bored with every souvenir you find in Bali art shop? If yes this will be the answer for you. Have you ever heard about “Balinese Snake Fruit”? This fruit will be a nice souvenir for your family and your friend and will be not only unique, the taste of Balinese Snake Fruit will be different with other snake fruit in Indonesia.


Balinese Snake Fruit is one of the mascots of Bali Island. That’s will be exiting for you if you plan your holiday from now to go this village, Sibetan village is one village in Karangasem regency that have a professional farm for Balinese snake fruit. This village is about 85 KM from Denpasar city and you can to go there by car or motorcycle. The center of Balinese snake fruit will be in front of you. preparing yourself to explore the Snake fruit farm there. Balinese Snake Fruit farm in Sibetan width is about 11,25KM2 .

When you are come to Sibetan village you will able to find any variations of Balinese Snake Fruit, here are available 15 kinds of Snake Fruit that farmed by the local society, such as : salak gondok, nenas, kelapa, injin, gading, embadan, getih, cengkih, bingin (beringin), mesui, biji putih, maong dan penyalin. Those variations of Balinese Snake fruit will also have a different taste for you, and that will be glad for you if you come to this village at farming sessions. In this village there are available two sessions for farming, the first is on January till March, and then will be farming again on August till September.

That will be very nice for you to find the Balinese snake fruit, and not only the fresh fruit you will find in this village you will also able to find the Balinese Snake fruit product. The most popular Balinese snake fruit product is Fruit Wine product. In this village you will also learn about how to make wine from snake fruit, and this taste of wine different with the other wine, because this wine has a sweet taste and nice taste of the alcohol and also accompanied by the snake fruit fascicles.


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