This will be Your Unforgettable Place when Visiting Bali

Bali is a small island of Indonesia that has many unique products of art and culture. Art and culture are very interesting for many traveler who come and visiting Bali, no matter the domestic or foreign traveler. Absolutely in Bali the tourism interesting point isn’t only about art and culture. Bali as a tourist destination also has many beautiful place for you to visit on your holiday, and that will be a good moment for you when visiting Bali.

Every regencies in Bali also has their own interesting and unique thing for you to know when in Bali. Gianyar regency is one of regency in Bali that very popular as the heart of art in Bali. When you go to this regency on your holiday you will find many kind of Balinese traditional statue, Balinese painting,and egg painting beside you. in Gianyar regency, specially at Tegenungan village there will be a nice place for you to visit.


Tegenungan village is a village in Gianyar regency that will be very easy for you to access it. This village is located near of the main street in Gianyar regency, and you will only need about 45 minutes from Denpasar city to arrive at this village. to go to this village you can to use motorcycle or car.


In Tegenungan village you will find the beauty of rice paddies beside the road, and the main point is about the beautiful waterfall. The beautiful of Tegenungan waterfall is very easy for you to access and come nearer to the waterfall. In this waterfall you will also able to find clearly point from the top to make a memorable picture there.

Foreign and domestic travelers also prepare themselves to swim here. the pure natural water will be the good water to clean yourself and refreshing your mind along your busy day.


This place is recommended place for you to visit, your holiday in Bali will be very memorable here, and that will very nice if you are able to catch the rainbow here to your picture.


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