Memorable Place for You and Capture Your Happiness Moment Here

Feel confused on your holiday in Bali? Do you want to make a memorable picture and make your friends feel envy with you? This place may the answer for you. In this place you will able to make unusual picture and will be very exciting for you and your friends. That picture will absolutely make your holiday experience more complete than before.

Trick Art 3D Gallery is a fresh and fun interactive attraction where guests can execute fun poses of all sorts against masterfully crafted murals and paintings to create stunning three-dimensional illusions. There are approximately 80 pieces of life-size and hyper-realistic murals to interact with in the gallery’s collection, from parodied takes on famous and classical paintings, blockbuster movie characters, to fairytale and magical themes. This place located in Sunset road area, very easy for you to find this place because of the location in front of the main street.


In this Gallery you will also enjoy every picture for your memorable picture. Don’t forget to bring your family to this gallery too, because in this gallery there will be available many variations of themes that will be very interesting for you, your parents, and also your kid’s. Inside the Trick Art 3D Gallery there are also a few life-size installations that create amusing force-perspective illusions after the picture is taken.

A number of Korean artists were flown in during Trick Art 3D Gallery’s conception, and the whole body of work was amazingly completed within only a month. The highly skilled painters applied unique shading and borders on the walls and gypsum panels, resulting in full-scale backgrounds that once in intended perspective and at the right angle, trick our brains into seeing a Tyrannosaurus Rex shattering through the wall with its jaws wide open behind you, reeling in a blue marlin from a hanging picture frame depicting a reef, or a giant anaconda leaping from the ravine to ensnare you.

When you come to this gallery there will be a nice place to make an unique picture for you, but to enter this place you will not able to bring foods or drink to this gallery. Don’t worry about the camera, you will also able to bring your own camera to this gallery. This place is a recommended place for your holiday in Bali.


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