Herons Heaven Village in Bali, Come and Visit this Village for Your Memorable Trip

Bali also has a unique and very special for every traveler who comes and visiting Bali. That will be a nice journey for your holiday when you are visiting Bali together with your family or your friend, and able to find the small things like this but have a very memorable moment for your holiday. Petulu village is one of unique village in Bali. This village becomes a Heaven village for Herons in Bali.

The origin of the herons is locally attributed to a strange, wonderful and heartbreaking story. In the mid 60’s, Indonesia suffered a terrible period of mass murder. Members of The Indonesian Communist Party were systematically slaughtered in a devastating massacre that produced a death toll of around 5% of the entire population of the country. Official reports have been rehashed; lost in time and politics. Word of mouth reports, however, indicate that many bodies were never found or given the respect of proper funeral rites, and so the lost souls of the dead were left to this world.

One tiny village, just North of Ubud, held a ceremony to cleanse the village of the evil energy that lingered after the massacre. One week later, the Kokokan birds arrived in Petulu for the first time, and they have remained there ever since. The legend goes that the wandering souls took these birds as vessels and returned to this peaceful town.


Today, the birds stand as sentinels, protectors of Petulu that keep the townsfolk free of pests and bad spirits, and they are respected and treated as such. The locals believe the herons have brought the village a blessing of prosperity ever since they arrived.


To go to this village you also able to use motorcycle or using car, that’s about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport to get this Village.


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