You Must Try This, Visit and Knowing Indonesia from Bali

Bali as a tourist destination always try to improve the tourism product quality and variety to make the tourist want to come to Bali. Art and culture are the main products in Bali. Nowadays Bali would give you a different product that will give you many advantages in learning about culture. The culture you will learn in this place isn’t only about Balinese culture. In this place you will able to know about every unique culture from every island in Indonesia.

Taman Nusa is a tourist destination that will show you about every unique culture from Indonesia. Taman Nusa is located at Taman Bali street, Banjarangka, Banjar blahpane kelod, Sedan village, Gianyar regency, Bali –Indonesia. From Ngurah Rai International Airport you will need about 1 and a half hour to get this place. You are able to use car or motorcycle to go to this place. Different experience will you get when you arrived here.


Taman Nusa is a width cultural park in Gianyar regency, that’s about 15 hectare. When you come to this park you will find the beautiful park inside and also surrounded by 60 kind of traditional house from every island in Indonesia. that will be better for you if you go there with your family, to learn about the traditional culture from Indonesia. the culture you can to learn here start from prehistory era, and then continuing to the Royal era, until Independence era. That will be a quality time for you to learn and exploring about the culture of Indonesia here. many kind of housing style and also the unique traditional costume from Indonesia will available here for you.

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This is a recommended place for you and your family to start your exploring journey to learn and find the unique tradition and culture of Indonesia only in one place. Don’t forget to bring your pocket camera and make a memorable picture here.


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