When You Visiting Bali, You Must Come to This Place

bali as an icon of tourism in Indonesia always improving the quality of goods and service. Bali always make an alternatif thing to improve the tourist destination quality. Nowadays available an agrotourism concept in Bali. This concept focusing to save the environment life. In this tourism concept Bali make many of Agrotourism concept. Bali Pulina is one of place that adopted Agrotourism concept.

When you come to Bali Pulina you will to see the beautiful nature of Bali island and also explore the beautiful scenery in there. not only see and exploring the beautiful scenery, in agrotourism concept always try to make the guest able to learn about the product there, and how to make it.


Bali Pulina product is Coffee luwak. Luwak is a name of an animal. this animal take the important job in making this coffee. Luwak in english is mongoose. why Luwak take important job? Luwak is the important animal to produce the good quality coffee. Luwak Coffee will com out from the Luwak after digestion process.


this coffee bean will be process by the local society become a tasty coffee. because of that this coffee called Luwak Coffe. In Bali pulina you will also able to see the Luwak life in the nature, and also able to enjoy good quality and taste from Luwak Coffee here.


The Luwak Coffee will also produce from their farm. that will make an opportunity for you to now about how about the real process in making Luwak Coffee.

this place is a recommended place for you who want to learn about the local product of Bali. This place will be an interesting place for you to enjoy the high quality coffee and enjoying the beautiful scenery. this place is located in Tegalalang area, gianyar regency. this place only about 1 and a half hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.


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