Want To Make Wonderful Holiday In Bali, Must Visit This Place First

Bali is a beautiful island of Indonesia. Foreign and domestic traveler also come to Bali for any purpose. This place will be match for you to enjoy the beautiful of Butterfly in Indonesia. Bali has a tourist destination for you who want to know and learn about the butterfly lifestyle. Not only about butterfly, you will find any insect species.

Where is the location of this tourist destination? This tourist destination located in Tabanan regency, lebah village. You only need about 1 hour and a half hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can to go here by car or motorcycle.  That is very easy to find this place, and you also able to go to the other tourist destination because this place in the same way with Jatiluwih, Batukaru, and Hot Spring Water.


this butterfly park was build on 1993, and here you will find any specie of butterfly in Indonesia. Around of this butterfly park area covered by net to protect the butterfly and make the butterfly live inside of the park. Many butterfly with beautiful color will available here and you also able to touch them if your hand clean. In this butterfly park also available a conservation building to protect the butterfly here, because butterfly life is only for one week, so to protect the sustainability of butterfly they make the conservation center here.


In the conservation center you will find any cocoon, and also able to watch the evolution process from cocoon being butterfly. Not only there you will also find the spectacular butterfly, the name is Barong Butterfly, this butterfly is very big with a unique brown color. Barong butterfly, looking from the name we also know this butterfly has a different looking with the other butterfly. In the top corner wings of this butterfly you will a unique motif like a snake head. This butterfly only has life for 5 days.


Interesting to see the butterfly? Here you will also able to find any kind of unique insect, so be careful if you touch any leave here, that will be an insect there.


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