You Must Visit This Place When You Come To Bali

Foreign tourist and domestic also choose Bali to be their destination object. As we know Bali is a small province of Indonesia. In Bali available a small island that have a special place for you who love animal very much. This place is a conservation place for turtles. Turtles is a rare animal in the world, and we know many people and many countries try to conserve turtle.

The turtle conservation area is available in Bali at serangan village. Serangan village is a part of Denpasar City and located in the south part of Denpasar City. It’s about 45 minute from Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you want to go there you can go there by car or motorcycle. Serangan village is a famous village for surfer, because in this village also available a beach that has good wave for surfer, not only for surfer in this island you also able for snorkeling and doing water activities here.


Local societies in serangan village work as a fisherman and seaweed farmer, because of that if you come to serangan village you will see many kind of seaweed near of the street, and many kind of seafood restaurant available here. Serangan village has a sacred temple that’s called Sakenan Temple. If you want to come to serangan, you will need more time to explore this village.


Serangan village as an area for turtle life before, now would like to try to make a conservation area to help the turtle life. Turtle conservation area is very easy to find in serangan village, you just need to follow the street from the ticket staff in when you entering the serangan village. Turtle conservation area is located in the other street with the beach. That’s about 15 minutes from the ticket stand.


In the conservation area you will find many kind of turtle, and little turtles. Not only that if you want to touch the turtle it’s available for you, but please make sure your hands clean. This is an interesting place for visiting in Bali.


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