Tourism Development at Nusa Lembongan Join and Learn It and Be a Great Tourist

Lembongan is a small island in Klungkung regency. Nowadays tourism in lembongan already develop by the local society there. There are many tourist destination in Lembongan, such as snorkeling post, mangrove tour, Gala-gala cave, and then also about the seaweed farming side. Lembongan island is now improve their seaweed production here to be the local base product of lembongan island.

230 hectare is the seaweed farm area in Nusa Lembongan, and from total populations here more than a half work as seaweed farmer. Every guest who visit lembongan island will also get description about the seaweed farm area.


Want to try farm the seaweed here?or want to have a lesson about how to plan a seaweed? The answer is come to this island. According doing tour around the island you will also try to join the seaweed farming process before you joining snorkeling activity. That will be a complete tour for you when you try to visit this farming side of seaweed here. Starting your tour by motorcycle here and don’t afraid about the secure, in this island you also able to explore this island and you will be guide by a tour guide here. Don’t afraid getting lose in this island, because this is a small island and you just need less than 12 hours to travel around the island.


After arriving in this island this will be a solution for you to start your daytrip here. Rent a motorbike, and then going to Snorkeling side before start your snorkeling activity you also able to go to the seaweed farmer area, looking for the process to make seaweed production, and then follow the farmer to see the farming process. And after that continuing your day by snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful view of underwater view in Lembongan island. After snorkeling continue your trip by visiting the mangrove forest, rent a traditional boat here and travel around the mangrove forest here. After that going to Nusa Ceningan island to see the beautiful view from the yellow bridge. In this bridge you will see the clearly sea water from the bridge. And then for the last object is gala-gala cave. This cave is a cave that had been made underground.

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Feel interesting of the tourism development in Lembogan? This is why I recommended this island for you to visit. Have a nice holiday….


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