Honey Bear In Bali? Want To See and Hug It?

Bali always have a new idea and concept to make the foreign and domestic tourist come to Bali and spend their holiday in Bali with their family, friends, or make an honeymoon in Bali. Nowadays in Bali was build a tourist object which is has an unique product inside. What is that? This products invite honey bear to come to Bali. As we know honey bear is a wild animal, so what the honey bear do in Bali?

Have you been come to Petang? Petang is one districts in Badung Regency. What available here and what is the relationship with honey bear? The relationship with honey bear is in Petang there was build a new Pod Chocolate Factory and Café. In this café you will able to see how to make chocolate from the plantation process until the chocolate ready to serve. The café location is in the center of Elephant Camp, and we you come here you will able to traveling around the café.


Honey bear will very near with you along you are traveling around the chocolate farm, but don’t afraid with the honey bear the honey bear are very kind. The bear were taken after the owner of this café safe them from hunter. And now the honey bear live here and will be your friend along you stay in this café area. This café was design by Toby Garrit from Australia, he would like to make the best chocolate around the world. And now his dream coming nearer in order to make the best chocolate in the world, looking from good comments and good rating he gets


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This is a special and unique Pod Chocolate and Café that I recommended for you, feel interesting? Just come and try the taste of the chocolate and don’t forget about the honey bears here always waiting for you to hug and play with them.


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