Only A Few People Who Know About The Beauty of This Sacred Lake

Bali has the famous lake in Tabanan named Beratan Lake with the beautiful temple named Ulun Danu Temple. But did you know there is a sacred lake located close from Beratan Lake? It is still natural because not many people are visiting this lake. The lake named Tamblingan Lake.


The Lake is located at north of Lesung Mount, Munduk Village, Banjar District, Buleleng about 15 minutes from Beratan Lake and 2 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is surrounded by dense forest, so the lake has fresh air.


Tamblingan Lake is the smallest lake in Bali, but it is the best lake to see sunrise. You can use the traditional boat to surround the lake and see all of the beautiful lake. There are no motorboats at this lake to keep the lake clean and clear. So, Tamblingan Lake is a perfect spot for you who are like to spend your holiday in a nature place with beautiful panorama and far from the hustle.


The name of Tamblingan Lake is taken from the story in the past. A long time ago Tamblingan Lake is a residential area, there are 4 villages that surrounding the lake includes Munduk Village, Gesing Village, Gobleg Village and Umejero Village or called Catur Villages. But one day, people in Catur village had plague epidemic, and then there is someone powerful and holy who go down to the Tamblingan Lake and take the water to be used as medicine for people.

Magically the people was cured directly, because of the people was be cured they are obliged to keep the continuity and purity of the lake water. And then the lake is given a name ‘Tamblingan’, ‘Tamba’ means medicine in Balinese language and ‘Elingan’ means spiritual powers.


Tamblingan Lake is a sacred lake, it is can be seen from the many temples found in this lake. There are 11 temples at this lake, even two of them, that are Embang Tempe and Tukang Timbang Temple is relics of the pre-Hindu temples were built before the 10th century.


Beside the two temples there are other temples at this spot such as Pura Dalem Tamblingan, Endek Temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Sang Hyang Kangin Temple, Sang Hyang Kawuh Temple, Gubug Temple, Tirta Mengening Temple, Naga Loka Temple, Pengukiran Temple, Pengukusan Temple, and Batulepang Temple. And the Tamblingan Lake is opened as spiritual tourist destination by the government in this location.

It is recommended place to visit in Bali when you got holidays, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.


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